Let the Festivals Begin!

nnaaIMG_6318 Guests stand out against the CCFF logo

Lansing is a very active city. As soon as the snow melts the festivals begin. We’ve already had TEDxLansingED, which I was invited to coordinate photography for.  Right around the corner is another fantastic event; the Capital City Film Festival. This will be my fourth year volunteering for this event. For the last two years I coordinated the photography coverage for this four day festival.

nnIMG_4869The Red Carpet

nnIMG_5073The local news covering the Red Carpet Premiere.

It begins with this amazing Red Carpet event which is free to the public and held at Troppo in downtown Lansing. An actual red carpet is laid out on the sidewalk leading into the restaurant. As guests arrive, dressed in their finest attire, they travel along its path, stopping long enough to pose for a quick photo before heading into the bash. It’s fun, festive and fancy! It’s one of my favorite parts.

nnIMG_5352The CCFF Coordinators

nnIMG_5891The CCFF Ladies

Before the Red Carpet Premier kick-off party even finishes the opportunities to enjoy the first film begins. The films are featured at various venues throughout Lansing. This year the movie viewing happens at the Lansing Public Media Center, Dart Auditorium on LCC campus, Mustang Bar in Old Town and the Lansing Center. Each night also offers an array of musical talent.

nnIMG_6897Music performances every night during the festival

The venues for this year’s music are the Loft and Mac’s Bar.

nnIMG_6051Michael McCallum owner of Rebel Pictures. He writes, directs and produces films in Lansing.

The event runs from April 10 through April 13. You can buy a festival pass for $50 or you can pick and choose your events and pay at the door.

It’s a great way to try something new and experience a film festival right in your own little town.

There’s Film in Lansing!


Check out my photographs from previous years!




Ten Reasons why the Winter of 2013/2014 Could Benefit You


snowflakeYou can cancel your massage or chiropractor appointment- Get in your car and drive really fast over those long edges of potholes. Don’t go into the really deeps ones, although it’s hard to avoid them at this point, but the string of smaller ones, where it gets the car vibrating, those can really make a difference on a sore back.

snowflakeWhile you’re at it cancel your gym membership-Who needs to work out at the gym when every day you can head outside, pick up a shovel and push that snow off the driveway and sidewalk. You can burn from between 400-600 calories an hour!

snowflakeYou get to really support your local coffee joint-Living in Mid-Michigan it’s hard to avoid a giant Biggby billboard. This weather makes for the perfect opportunity to stop into your nearest shop, order your favorite drink and head off to work. If you have a Biggby card and it’s your birthday you even get a free one! This allows you to support a local business owner, which makes you feel really good inside. The warm coffee doesn’t hurt either.

snowflakeYou can act like a jerk and get away with it-I am pretty sure most of the Michigan residents (and probably the whole Mid-West & East Coast) are one snowball short of a maniacal outburst. We’re at the point where anger, hostility and aggression are at its peak. Of course you could try to counter it by being nice, but no one will hold it against you if you’re cranky.

snowflakeYou get to cuddle-Do you remember those super hot, summer days where you were so hot and sweaty you didn’t want anyone touching you? Yeah, me neither. Not this winter. I find myself cuddling up to all kinds of people and warm things. The other day I stood at the exit at Meijer extra long to enjoy the hot air that shoots down. I cuddle my kids, my husband, and people in the elevator. I’m at the stage where I’ll take warmth almost anywhere.

snowflakeThere are no bugs!-No mosquitoes, no bees, no wasps, no nothing. It’s just empty, cold air out there.

snowflakeYou don’t need to shave-Not your pits, your legs, your face, nothing. Why should you? Keep that hair as long as you want or need. My son refused a hair cut because he said it kept him warm. I hear ya, son! You keep that long hair!

snowflakeYou don’t need to shower either-On the same note, why suffer through that moment when you are wet and naked and it’s extremely cold? You’re not really sweating much at all and you will just cover back up with that super warm, oversized sweater anyway. So skip a couple of days. I am sure no one will even notice.

snowflakeYou finally get to watch every episode of your favorite Netflix show-You’re stuck inside day after day, month after month, what a great time to catch up on your shows.

snowflakeYour snowman never melted-Remember how you spent hours on that one almost freezing day and constructed the perfect snowman. During a normal winter you might get a day out of it before the melting began. First the carrot nose would fall off. Then an arm would get droopy. By the mid afternoon, with the full sun blazing down, the head would shrink until it finally fell right off. Well, not this year! If you took the time to make it, it’s still there! In fact, it probably, somehow increased in size and durability. It’s really been that kind of winter.


So go grab your favorite sweater and blanket, curl up with your favorite saved show with your super hot Biggby coffee and say a Hallelujah that you aren’t swatting the one random mosquito that decides this is the best time to bite you.

When it All Comes Together


Since November 2013 I have been managing (voluntarily) a gallery in REO Town. For three years this space was operating under the name Art Alley. I was quite familiar with it as Art Alley and attended many events and meetings there. I even went to the curator of Art Alley to see if I could have my City Saunter photographs put up as an exhibit to celebrate completing this project. In September 2013, a month before my planned exhibit, Art Alley shut down. I won’t get into all the gossipy details but the main point was a community based event & gallery space no longer had anyone managing it. I was in a panic when I got the news. I was told to contact the landlord and since I had funds in place already I was able to rent the gallery space (the entire space, not just one wall like previously planned) for three weeks. I am not sure what was more exciting, that I could move forward with the exhibit, that I was finishing my three year walking project or that I was renting gallery space in a turn of the century building in REO Town. For three weeks I set up a mobile office at the gallery and invited pedestrians and social media contacts to stop in and check out the exhibit. For three weeks I sat in a fully functioning gallery and fell in love. I loved the roughened, painted advertisement wall that at one time was on an outside wall. I loved the large southern facing all window store front that glows bright with the setting sun. I enjoyed meeting the other tenants that resided in this building, all of whom I became fast friends with. I liked being in REO Town and seeing the burgeoning groups of business owners and employees walking passed my window. I soon realized that I wanted to stay and be a part of this progress. When my three weeks of renting was over I had planned to vacate the building but before I did I mentioned to the landlord how much I would like to attempt to do what Art Alley had tried to do before. I proposed a three part plan. The first would be the rental of gallery space. This was a given, since it was a gallery after all. The second was the venue space. Despite not having a bunch of extra things, many people I spoke with loved the space and enjoyed the idea of hosting parties there. My final idea was a photographer share. For the three weeks I was at the gallery I was able to offer studio photography sessions with my Ariniko Artistry business. This was a great opportunity for me as a photographer and I knew of quite a few other photographers that also were interested in a space that could be shared. I pitched the idea to the landlord and he agreed to let me continue on as the manager of the space. To stop the confusion about the name I decided to rename the space to AA Creative Corridor. It took me about a month to get organized and reach out to people but by December I was booking events including a wonderful Salsa Dancing group that come in every second and fourth Friday of the month. However, it was my most recent event held at the gallery that knocked my socks off. The event was the second Art & Craft Beer Fest. Paul Starr, the owner of I’m a Beer Hound had come to me back in November asking about using the gallery. Since I had just been put in place as the manager I didn’t really know what to do or what to expect. I gave him the go ahead without much more thought to it. In passing he mentioned I could leave my City Saunter photos up for the second day but that he was looking for something different for the Friday night event. This was a two day event with art being featured on both days. Paul wanted sculptures. It was my job to get him 8-12 sculptures. My first thought was David Such at Such Video. I knew he was an active member of The Scrapfest and Old Town and I thought he might know of some artists. With one communication David’s brother, nephew and friend was able to bring in close to 20 amazing pieces of art for the first night of the event.

aaccIMG_0225Gorgeous dark blue rose stem created by artist Dace 13

aaccIMG_0218Beautiful lake edge scene, crafted out of metal by Dace 13


As we were loading all the pieces into the gallery, some as tall at 15 feet, I, for the first time, felt like a curator of a true gallery. I even at one point said, this looks like a real gallery to which David responded, “This is a real gallery”.  He really meant it. Wow. The next day I spent 3 hours helping move out welded art and hang over 30 City Saunter & Ariniko Artistry photographs plus 6 Miranda Hartmann drawings.

aaccIMG_0268Steely Flower by Dace 13

For those two days, this one event brought together Right Brain craft beer makers, the folks at REO Pub, at least six artists, four musicians and over 300 community members who came out to enjoy all that we were offering, including Meat. Southern B.B.Q. Lovers & Carnivore Cuisine, who fed us all.

aaccIMG_0285I’m A Beer Hound Merch Table

aaccIMG_0278Musicians Mark Warner & Garret Bielaniec 

I don’t know what’s coming up next for the gallery space, but I am looking forward to whatever adventure is around the corner. If you are looking for a venue or if you are an artist that wants to exhibit your work, or if you’re a photographer that needs some studio space for inside shoots, well, give me a holler, because I’m the manager of an art gallery, event venue and a photographer share and I can’t do anything without all of you.