Niko’s Notions is a long time coming. So many times I have something going on or an idea I want to share and even though I have an extraordinary amount of social media, I find I don’t have an outlet for it all. I will use this blog to combine those thoughts, interests, ideas, hobbies and loves onto one site.

If you are unfamiliar with the many things I have going on, here are a few of the projects I am involved in:

City Saunter: A three year project to walk every street in the city of Lansing, Michigan. I began this project October 1, 2010 and finished it almost three years later on October 4, 2013. I walked 535 miles for three years. I took over 20,000 photographs and wrote 169 blogs about my adventures. On October 4, 2013 I was able to put together, through the many donations from Lansing supporters, a 30 photograph exhibit. It is presently at AA Creative Corridor, a gallery located in the heart of REO Town.

Ariniko Artistry: This is the name of my photography business. I have been a photographer for over twenty years and professionally shooting for three. I specialize in candid family photography using natural light and a natural setting. I also provide event photography for many #lovelansing events and non profits.

AA Creative Corridor: When I completed the walking part of City Saunter I found the next stage was presenting my project, through photography, to the community. For three weeks I had an exhibit at 1133 South Washington Ave. At the time I was only renting the space from the realtor. As time went by, I realized I greatly enjoyed the space and the location. Before I rented the space had been used by a group called Art Alley who showcased local artists and hosted events. I thought maybe this was something I could again try to put into action. I contacted the realtor and he agreed to let me manage the space. This is a new adventure for me but I am excited to see where it takes me.

Peace of Lansing: As a volunteer for TEDxLansing I am always eager to watch as many TED talks as I can. In 2011 I came across a TED talk featuring Jeremy Gilley who was the creator of Peace One Day, an initiative to create a global day of peace. I was so drawn to the idea that I decided to incorporate Peace One Day into a City Saunter walk. The date is September 21 and I celebrated my first global day of peace in 2011. On that day I scheduled a local walk and picnic to follow. I unfortunately didn’t have a huge turn out but it prodded me to really put into action a better plan. The following year, after contacting community leaders, I was able to secure the Lansing City Market as a host site for Peace One Day. I renamed our local celebration to Peace of Lansing (In Support of Peace One Day). The simple theme of the day is kindness, sharing, peace and love. I coordinate a teacher school supply drive, children’s crafts, performances, and create a location for those community groups that have matching themes to participate. It’s a great way to connect to the community and promote the good things going on.

Various Volunteer: Throughout the years I have offered my photographic & coordinating talents to various Lansing events including: DirtyFeat Adventure Race, Capital City Dragon Boat Races, Big Zoo Party, Wine & Stein, New World Flood Backpack giveaway, It’s a Breast Thing, TEDxLansing, IgniteLansing, Capital City Film Festival, MarketLansing, and Lansing Marathon.

Other groups I volunteer for: Lunch with a Purpose, Nyaka Foundation, New World Flood


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